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Hello Everyone,

We have a BOXX computer running with Dual Graphics Card with two programs installed ArchiCAD19 and Lumion 9.3.

Graphics Card:

We are attempting to convert a 3-D drawing in ArchiCAD19 to a Lumion Collab file (.DAE). To do so, we installed the Lumion to ArchiCAD bridge plugin.

When converting the drawing, it takes 45+ minutes to convert or ArchiCAD freezes.

Is there a way to determine which Graphics Card ArchiCAD19 is using? We've reached out to both Lumion Support and BOXX Support.

Any insight will be helpful, thank you.
Does the Windows Task Manager give any info?
In the Processes Tab of the Task Manager you can see in the GPU Engine column, something like this: "GPU 0 - 3D". In the Performance Tab of the Task Manager it tells me what graphics card my GPU 0 is.
Does it give info on both your graphics cards in your system?