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Topics related to the Grasshopper-Archicad Connection and the various tasks that can be achieved with it.

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By tatoleyton
My problem is that I have installed the grashopper live-connection with no issue on the instalation whatsoever. but when I look for the tool in archicad it doesn't appear, ive searched for this issue in various post with no sucessfull answer. I'll attach some snaps of places where the button should appear but doesnt. Archicad and Rhino are updated to the date.

PD.: I checked the add-ons folder and the grasshopper connection appears to be installed.

Im runnning:
Rhino 6
Archicad 22 SPA

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By LaszloNagy
If you go to the "Command Layouts Schemes > Menus" page of the Work Environment Dialog, and in the list of available command, select the "All commands in alphabetical order" option, can you see the "Grasshopper Connection" command in the list of available commands? If you do, you can just add it to your menu structure.
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By LaszloNagy
I am wondering if this is because you installed Rhino 6.
Can you make it work if you install Rhino 5?

I also see that you are using ARCHICAD EDU version. I was wondering if Rhino can be used with the EDU version. I don't have the answer to that question though, maybe someone else does.
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By ejrolon
It should work with the EDU version.
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By tatoleyton
I downgraded to Rhino 5 and same issue. My guess is that is a problem with the Archicad part and not Gh or Rhino. Actually the Archicad tab appears on Gh and i can use the BIM parameters and stuff (still haven't synced anything ovbiously). I have an old macbook pro and it works but my hardware is not good enough to support working fluently with the 3 softwares running without crashing or freezing.

Maybe it has something to do with using de SPA version of Archicad? im gonna try downloading de INT version although i don't have a license key for that, so im going with the trial. do you know if trial version supports it? (weird they use different license keys)

My other guess is that maybe using Win7 is not ideal for the GH connection? just guessing, dont know actually... this is the hardware im using.

Intel i7 4790K CPU 4.00Ghz Win7
16Gb Ram DDR4
Nvidia GeForce GTX 960
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By LaszloNagy
I don't know of the SPA version should be a program.
But what I know for sure is that I have a laptop with Windows 7 on it, and AC22 INT works just fine with Grasshopper 5 and the Connection is fine.