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Options > Add-On Manager... > Use designated Add-Ons folder... > Change

After the initial install of ArchiCAD, this points to a location on the local hard drive.
[C:\Program Files\GRAPHISOFT\ARCHICAD 22\Add-Ons]

Is there a way to programmatically change this location? I thought it might be with ACAPI_Environment, but I see no IDs that correspond to this change.

Is there a different way I can change this the first time to a network location without having first changed it so that the Add-On that could change it is found? I browsed through the registry briefly and saw nothing.

I want to avoid going around to every computer on the network and using manual menu picks. I don't want to rely on the users to do manual picks with instructions from an email just because I tell them it is important.

Is there a way to programmatically change this location?
I'm guessing not but will keep looking.
If anyone knows otherwise, don't be shy...

- chris