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By papsphilip
ideally i would like to have a feature like the renovation filter but for solutions, creating objects walls and windows each time as part of a specific solution so afterwards i can flip through them just like you do with existing and demolished status.

Swithcing layers on and off for things like furniture is easy and it works fine, but when it comes to walls , openings and other constructional elements it gets more complicated.
i tried setting each of my solutions including the walls that changed in a different layer, but wall intersection started to fail and ofcourse even if it worked this is not an optimal solution, you cant just copy entire sections of your drawing each time. The renovation filter does a great job at this if only i could extend it somehow and have my own custom filters.

i also tried creating a new property called SOLUTION and you re supposed to fill it with the integer number of your solution, but the best thing i could think of was to create a graphic override that says to each element with a certain SOLUTION value to be white or transparent, which doesnt work in the case of windows or doors, there is just an empty opening left.

Obviously this is a very serious feature that should be included somehow, as we are constantly iterating between possible solutions. Maybe there is already a way i am not aware of, i would appreciate any tips on this
papsphilip wrote:
Sat May 25, 2019 9:14 am
The renovation filter does a great job at this if only i could extend it somehow and have my own custom filters.
You can create your own renovation filters.
It is not a perfect solution, but it is possible to set up different options in your models.

See ... viewtopic.php?f=11&t=62553&p=287052&hil ... on#p287052

ok i see, this will work for something simple like what i want! thanks, i didnt know about that post, really helpfull.
i hoped this feature gets improved and extended, maybe including hierarchies of filters different for specific rooms for example, so that you can try lots of combinations later.