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While there has been a means to receive Bluebeam markups from consultants into ArchiCAD v21 and up, as the Architect, I am not understanding why GS has not given us the Bluebeam markup tools right in ArchiCAD.

This workflow expectation that consultants are sending markups to the Architect is backwards, at least in my 25 yrs as an architect.

Traditionally, I hire my consultants to work as part of my team. They send me drawings, I mark them up for coordination and send the drawings back to the consultants to revise their drawings. As they make the requested changes I asked for, it may generate changes they need done on the architectural drawings and they send them back to us for coordination.

Unless I have missed something here, GS keeps talking about the consultants sending markups to the architect, but no markups from the architect to the consultants.

Can other architects here tell me how you handle marking up your consultants pdf submittals to you for review and manage them in your layout book.

My method seem clumsy. I import my consultants pdf files onto a blank sheet in the Layout Book, write notes on them, save as new pdfs, then send them out to the consultants.....very cumbersome.

Maybe I'm wrong here, but it seems GS gave us a small free taste of Bluebeam within ArchiCAD, only to use it as a means to sell full licenses of it to us.

Your feedback is appreciated.
Thank you!
That is pretty disapointing. Given Nemecheck purchased Bulebeam, given Nemecheck makes two major BIM products, why on earth would they abandon the most used tool for markups.

That is a truly horrible thing to do to their clients running OSX versions of ArchiCAD!

Aaron Bourgoin wrote:
Sun Jun 09, 2019 8:26 pm
Bluebeam Revu for Mac OS has reached "end of life" status.
Bluebeam say they want to develop a cloud-based solution and this is why the Mac version will end: ... ouncement/

By the way, each company within the Nemetschek Group is independent, they make their own decisions.

Robert, if you have suggestions or wishes about how the two apps should work together, please write it down here, in as much detail as possible, and I will forward it to GS development.