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Following 'Restructure Schedule to Fit Layout' here I was able to set the width of the placed view of the schedule and it automatically sends the next items to the next rows, creating 2 rows on the page. All good except with 900 window types in a very large project we have generated a large number of rows. So we need to split them amongst multiple sheets.

So following 'Split Schedule into Multiple Layouts' i was expecting the 2 rows to appear per page, but instead only one row appears per sheet. And these being A1 sheets obviously there is too much wasted space and paper. Am I missing something that'll allow it to all happen automatically?

Current workaround in the attached screenshot. It's a manual process of placing the large view with many rows over the sheets in the right place.
schedule split layout work around.JPG

//With our door schedule we have 4 rows so it splits them onto 4 times as many sheets..
The automatic creation of pages with schedule is nice, until you have to deal with project changes and you can't add a change to the individual sheets, since it sees it somehow as one sheet with a lot of pages. So if a door on page 4 changes and you have 10 pages, you get a change added to all 10 pages instead of just page 4.

Because of this we had to go back manually making our layout pages. Nowhere near 900 entries though... that sounds painful.
That's right Erwin, its just not a profitable use of time. And we just can't have a 7 windows per A1 sheet for our construction documentation :lol:

Thanks Christophe, do you mind explaining your process in a bit more detail?

The screenshots below illustrate my problem. Check the page count. 4 or 5 rows fit on each sheet, but it insists on 1. So now i have to make 20 sheets manually and maintain them as changes occur.. instead of making 1 sheet and never having to look at it again. (my mistake, the unique window count is far less than 900 - but still a cumbersome task)

schedule split page problem.jpg
schedule split page problem result.jpg

This really needs a fix or workaround.
davidstonearchicad21 wrote:
Fri Jun 14, 2019 12:48 am
Thanks Christophe, do you mind explaining your process in a bit more detail?
My process is exactly like yours
A complex problem requires a complex solution
It's true that it's a little tedious but your work file will be more comfortable then