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So, the renovation tool is great for doing remodels, but lacking if you want to leave the wall itself, but change the surface material. So (as an example) if I want to show a blue paint for the interior of a wall for an existing version, but a red paint for the wall on the "Planned Status" version, there does not seem to be a good way to model this. You have to show the entire wall as demo and then add a new one if you are using the renovation filter, which isn't really showing a true picture of demo vs. new construction if you are simply doing a material chance. And adding a "new wall" (say 1/2" thick) that represents the new material over the existing one is time consuming and difficult if you have openings in the existing wall that you'd then have to line up with the existing one.

I also had the thought to use graphic overrides to set up rules to rework certain surfaces between new and old, (overriding one existing surface with another). Unfortunately, the override section right now overrides the surface for the entire wall (both sides) as opposed to being able to select an outside skin or an inside one to replace. You can use the inside or outside skin as parameters for selecting the walls to be overridden, but then the option for what happens to that wall is the entire wall (inside and out) gets overridden with the new surface.

Better control for overriding individual surfaces given certain conditions, or adding an option to replace a specified surface within the renovation filter without demoing the entire wall is needed I think, as I don't see a way to do this in the current version of the software (unless I'm mistaken).
I think the best way to deal with such cases is to model a separate Wall for the two Renovation Statuses as I do not have a better suggestion for you.

In terms of fixing it, let me give you some food for thought about this. So basically, what you are asking is that parameters of elements (such as the parameter that defines the Surface applied to one side of a Wall) should be made Renovation Filter-aware and capable of being Reno Filter-dependent. So how would this work? Would you have a list of Surface values for each side of the Wall: Surface A when Renovation Status is "Existing", Surface B when Renovation Status is "Temporary", Surface C when Renovation Status is "New".
Then, if we generalize this, we could say: why is it not possible to make any setting or property of an element Renovation Filter-dependent, like the Wall Height, Wall Type, Wall Thickness, Wall Length, etc. This would make Archicad as a program a lot more complicated, and we are not even talking about how much development work it would require to do it. This is why I believe such a "wish" would be pretty unrealistic.
So I think, it is better to just model the Wall separately for different Reno Filters.
Just my 2 cents.