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By davide445
Testing ArchiCAD 22 for a research project, I'm starting with a DWG model, even if I will work mostly with BIM one.

I didn't find a way to make the model showing up in 3D, even if all the other 3D tools I'm testing on didn't have any problem on that. Using hardware with Ryzen CPU, GTX 1070 GPU, 32GB RAM, if that matters

Seeking help I already check and I didn't find any of this problems.

Attached current Archicad 2D and 3D view, and Allplan 3D standard view.
Archicad 2D.JPG
Archicad 3D.JPG
Allplan 2.JPG
Any suggestion is welcomed.
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By Lingwisyer
So you brought it in using the Import Blocks... option?

If you Select All in 3D, does anything get selected? Is so, might some part of you model be self intersecting? If that is the case, that would be why it is not generating in 3D.

By davide445
Thanks @Lingwisyer

I imported it just using the Open command, that from the documentation just need to open the drawing in a completely new project, that's the case.
Select All make the sw working a bit, but if something is selected nothing is displayed in the 3D view.

Maybe I need first to place the model in 3D?

If there is a scale prolem (maybe it's extremely small) or positioning problem (maybe is placed far away from the center) problem there is a way to make AC zoom to the object, without needing to search it in the 3D view?
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By Lingwisyer
I do no think that you can use the Open option to open a 3D dwg as it will just translate the lines, which do not have a 3D representation, rather than converting it to a mesh. If you use the Import Blocks... option it will convert it into a mesh then save it as an object. Alternatively, you could save your dwg as a 3ds or IFC and import that instead.

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By ejrolon
I think there is something broken in the import. At a minimum 5 versions ago you could use Merge (or opeb to open the DWG while on the 3D Window and it would import it. Testing it now using "Import Blocks" I am getting a partial import from the file.
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By LaszloNagy
What if you use the "File > Libraries and Objects > Open Object" menu command and open the DWG file as a GDL Object. Then it will bring in the 3D of the DWG, if there is any 3D in it.
By davide445
File>External Content>Place External Drawing dind't change anything
File>External Content>Place XREf dind't change anything
File >Libraries and Objects >Import Blocks from DXF/DWG didn't show anything
File > Libraries and Objects > Open Object did the work

The last option needed I launch the 3d view and in this view seems there is no option to select a component nor to change shadowing options. Appear to be a different kind of 3d view.
Archicad 3D_completo.JPG
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By LaszloNagy
Yes, because now the whole DWG file is a single GDL Object in ARCHICAD, since you opened it as an Object.
Try to select it and use the "Design > Convert Selection to Morph(s)" menu command. It will them convert the contents of the GDL Object into Morph elements (it may take a bit of time for the conversion to complete).
Then you will be select an manipulate Morph elements individually.