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By agroni
So far while working with coordinate systems I was able to export an IFC file that has defined coordinates for the survey point (defined in the Project location in archicad). In the IFC, the distance of the components is also corresponding to the Survey Point. Perfect!

But there is a slight problem with the national elevation, that is connected to a national surveying datum. We have a file with defined coordinates: lat, lon and elevation as a reference for our project. This elevation is defined at 157,23m. I have defined the height 156,68m which is my ±0,00 ground floor. This means, the survey point has in its settings 55cm, to bring it higher than the project origin (156,68). Since I am exporting an IFC based on the survey point (not project origin) shouldn’t the height elevation in the IFC be 157,23m respectively the height of the survery point? In this case archicad exports the height elevation of my project origin.

One thing that comes to my mind solving this issue is definig the 157,23 in the project location, and to define the ±0,00 as another Reference height in archicad.
What I am doing wrong here?
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By Miha_M
I don't have the GER library loaded now, but I presume the Survey Point element should have the same functionality. Did you check the correct level settings there? I have defined your levels in the Project Location menu (in der Projektlage) for better understanding.
Maybe you have wrong data in the reference level setting. I have set your project zero level to 156,68 above sea level and the 1st reference level to +0,55. I can't get the same numbers as you did on my Survey Point Marker.
Do you have your reference level set to the absolute value of -157,23? This way only I get the same number on my Survey Point Marker...
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