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Discussion of non-graphical data: Properties, Property Expressions, Classifications, Interactive Schedules

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By Steve Jepson
Daut Duljevic wrote:
Sat Jul 13, 2019 11:41 am
Is there option to put openings, each to be on individual layout (A4)
It can be done. Show a example of the specific information you want on that sheet and someone can show you how to do it.
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By Steve Jepson
If there are only a few windows you may want to use both a Schedule without any 3D Front View, and a Legend that has only a 3D Front View. In the Layout you can adjust them to show only what applies to that specific door/window and then stretch/resize them to whatever size you want them to be on that Layout. There would be a Layout the size you need for each window/door. However, as near as I can tell from the pictures, what you really want it's to have Drawings of each door/window on each A4 metric sheet/layout with its individual Schedule data.
In which case, you just add the same Interactive Schedule to each sheet/layout but adjust the border of the schedule to show only the data for that specific door/window.
But there may be no reason to do that either. ? Just put a drawing reference in the Schedules.
By Daut Duljevic
Can you please explain me, with steps how to get result as on image.

To have each opening on separate A4 layout?

Thank you in advance
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By Steve Jepson
Per the image you have posted:
It looks like Elevation, Section, and Plan views of the windows have been placed in a Layout. You do this the same way you get any View into a Layout. First make a new Master Layout the size you need. Then create a Layout with that Master Layout. Then you Save the Views ( Elevation, Section, Plan) - then selecting the View from the list of View Maps (left click and hold it down) drag the Views one at a time or all at one time into the Layout. You can edit the scale of the Views to whatever you need them to be.
You would need to do this for each window and door if you want them on individual sheets/layouts.
And of course you would need to add whatever annotation and detail you need to the drawings/views.

There are other ways to do something like this with Interactive Schedules or Lists but this not something that is completely automatic. Also, how you do it may depend on the level of detail you want to show/annotate.

You can schedule each window/door with an Elevation, Section, and Plan view in an Interactive Schedule but it may not be as detailed as you need, although you can annotate them some automatically and/or manually.
And you could stretch the schedules or lists to fit your A4 sheets/layout.

Something else you could do is put all of the window/door schedules on a much larger sheet and but print to the A4 size in a way that each individual window/door ends up on a sheet - but that would take some trial an error. The answer to your question is essentially no. You can't get a Door/Window Schedule to print each door/window to a seperate sheet. But there are ways to get what you want to show on an individual sheet/layout. It's just not very efficient. Perhaps there is some way to do it with Lists but I would't know. I don't use Lists - just Interactive Schedules.
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By Steve Jepson
Daut Duljevic wrote:
Tue Jul 30, 2019 6:42 pm
I read somewhere that there is option “ split drawing among multiple layouts” but i cannot find it.

Can you help me please
When you place a Schedule in a Layout all you need to do is select a node at the corner of the Schedule and move it a bit - the pop-up for splitting the Schedule will be displayed.
You could add the full schedule to each sheet/layout and adjust it to display only one window/door.
You may want to put two schedules on each sheet. One showing just the Elevation, Section, Plan views so you can scale it if needed ( you can do that in the Schedule too) and another one for the data ??