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By agroni
I have been looking for topics about exchange information in Archicad and how could this be set up. Since I was not able to find anything, I will ask/suggest a workflow.

What we are stumbling upon is the required information that needs to be delivered at a certain stage of the project. These are usually defined Pset in a BEP Document. That is why, I was thinking of setting up these ERs (Exchange Requirements) in our template so we don’t need to invest time every time when a new project starts, but more to fine tune the current settings.

Usually Archicad comes with all possible Psets out of the box. My workflow to define these ERs would be to delete PropertySets (the red X) in the IFC Settings (Export) and save them as LODs. This way I can populate Psets according to the ER, which properties need to be delivered at what stage. If another project needs an additional Pset, then it can be generated.

Do you think this is a good idea? Or is there a better way?