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By gavinNZz

How do I embed a web hyperlink into a piece of text within AC?. Can this even be done?

I know that a Hyperlink can be placed within an object and opened through BIMx but what about just a basic hyperlink embedded into a piece of text. MS word has had this functionality for 10+years so how is it not just a standard function within AC? simple as.... select text, right mouse click, apply hyperlink. done! (in a perfect world this would be available for any element)

I am aware that web links work if you paste the entire link into the document but that is more about the PDF software knowing what a http link is as opposed to AC embedding the link in the PDF when publishing.

The AC publisher functionality already embeds the 'page jump' links into the detail and section markers but I have been unable to find the code that creates the PDF link functionality and I fear it is hidden in the publishing process.

In the NZ building industry PDF is still the king of documents and we are a long way away from a BIM3 environment so the control of PDF's is super important as they form the central point from which all project information is accessed, whether from within the PDF itself or externally, hence the need for embedded hyperlinks.

If this is not currently possible in AC, how exposed is the publishing functionality within the API to allow an add-on to place hyperlinks in a published document? Even if the hyperlink is created through a custom GDL object as opposed to embedding it within an AC text element.

AC, please get the little things sorted.

gavinNZz wrote:
Tue Aug 06, 2019 3:35 am
How do I embed a web hyperlink into a piece of text within AC?. Can this even be done?
Probably not the solution you're looking for but a workaround would be to include the web address in your text in AC anyways, then open in Acrobat and apply the link.
By gavinNZz
Thanks Rex,
Yes you are right, I could just apply links in a PDF editor but I am talking about maybe having 100 of these links predefined throughout my drafting template so applying them everytime externally is not something I would be including in my work flow.
Oh, for sure, I agree. I could see this feature being useful for project specs, and even for creating marketing PDF for home or condominium sales, etc.
I know this is not the answer you are looking for, but you can add QR codes to you plans.
They are not click-able from the screen, but you can scan them from the screen or even when printed on paper (you will never be able to click a link on paper!).

Barry Kelly wrote:
Mon Aug 12, 2019 2:46 am
I know this is not the answer you are looking for, but you can add QR codes to you plans.
Nice! That would be a fun little interaction during a presentation.
By gavinNZz
Yes thanks I have used QR codes in the past to allow access to on-line BIM models from the printed plan set. Systems like Kubity have QR reader buil into a dedicated app which makes site access to BIM models really easy and then add in the Augmented reality functionality and it maks for an awesome tool

The question really is why this isn't embedded links just a standard feature? Its such a basic function that is available in most other publishing systems. Taking it a step further there should also be embedded links in objects and fills so web access can be provided directly from clicking on a toilet in the plan for example.

The information is already being embedded in these objects for use in ifc systems so its not much of a step to allow the PDF publishing to access these links too.