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By mbl
I am trying to edit a window schedule in Archicad 22 with a preview image (3D Front View field in my case) and I can't seem to be able to control its transparency.

Normally, I wouldn't have a problem with windows being transparent, but the issue is that I want to show opening lines - a solid line on the opening side and a dashed line on the opposite side. But with the transparency, these two lines blend into one "solid" line and therefore showing a wrong opening symbol according to our local codes...

Is there any hidden setting I'm missing?

I've tried to control the opening line only in the object, then only in the MVO, I've tried creating a new GO with no transparency, but so far without any luck.
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By Barry Kelly
This has cropped up before but I don't think the solution here will do what you want.


It will give you dashed )or solid) lines to both the inside and outside views in the schedule.

I think the problem is that transparency is not actually controlled in the Graphic overrides.
That is in the 3D-style - which you can't set for a door/window schedule.

Overriding the surface in the GO does not affect doors and windows or objects.
Overriding the fill does - but it affects the entire window frame and not just the glass.
Because the window is an object you can not override just the glass material as GOs can not access object parameters.

I was thinking that if you override the fill with a solid fill with white foreground and background pens that might work.
But it doesn't the glass is still transparent.

The only thing that might work is to create a non-transparent glass material (or just use a different material for the glass in the windows that is not transparent).
But this will mess up any 3D views (sections and elevations also) if you want transparent glass).

By mbl
Thanks Barry,

Yes, I thought about having both lines the same - either solid or dashed, but the problem is that not all our doors and windows have opening on the same side.

I thought I could get around the transparency by assigning a solid white surface to the whole window object, not just glass surface. I wouldn't mind having a separate GO with such override only for the schedules.

That should work in theory and it does work in the 3D view, but unfortunately, it does not seem to affect the schedule's "3D Front/Back View".

And yes, using a non transparent material for glass, or creating a "non transparent" glass works, but I would like to avoid that if possible. I think it would mess too much and limit the use of the model later on . But so far it seems to be the closest I can get.