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Hello Graphisoft

I would like to see the feature to
1. do live Schedules of Teamwork project messages sent via ARCHICAD and BIMx Pro to BIMcloud full (like with the Markup Entries report, but much better)
2. to convert Teamwork messages sent via ARCHICAD and BIMx Pro to Markup entries. As far as I know the only way is to manually copy/paste the Teamwork message over to a new Markup Entry 1-by-1.
3. then also be able to connect Teamwork messages to Markup Entries all the way to Change Manager items
4. And be able to schedule and track all this data live for work progress reporting, planning & management.

If we can get this from BIMx Pro & BIMcloud into ARCHICAD it would really give us a smooth fully integrated workflow to manage production in the studio and improve site communication even better.

The current text only report gives too little info:
Markup Entries Sorted by: Views
Name: User's Markup
Style: In Progress
Created: 2019/09/01 12:39:50
Modified: 2019/09/01 13:19:15
Correction elements: 0
Highlighted elements: 1
Tag: Markup

I also want to report / schedule the following: Attached View, Comment, ID code, Assigned to, Deadline, Discipline, Priority, Status
This is an Essential request in my opinion.

It's a vital step to move BIMx in the direction of being a Project Management tool, not simply an Architectural presentation tool.
Thanks @Eli Chiasson for your comment. The voting panel is now active. Please add your vote and forward the link to your colleagues to also add their votes for this wish? I will really appreciate all support for this feature.
Hi All,

Thank you for requesting this feature, and for your active participation on the forums.

I am happy to say that we have added this into our Wish database.
As reference, the Wish number is 12473

Thank you all for sharing your ideas with us, and thank you all who voted.

[Stay Active. Stay Awesome :wink:]
Kind regards,
Ghaleb Khadra wrote:
Mon Dec 16, 2019 3:24 pm
I am happy to say that we have added this into our Wish database.
As reference, the Wish number is 12473
Kind regards,
Thank you so much @Ghaleb Khadra this is awesome news, we will be patient... :wink: