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By gotphish001
I've just spent way too much of my day trying to find this. How do you change if a drawing being placed on a layout is set to auto update or manual update by default? I know it's a thing because I have one project that they go onto a sheet as auto and another they always go in as manual. Yes I know you can change it after the fact, but I don't want to need to remember something else. I'm trying to get it set up in my template. I can't find any logic to it. I can place a drawing and it goes in as manual. I manually change that to auto and then the next drawing goes in as auto. It's fixed! Wrong the next drawing goes in after those as manual. What the heck! The help keeps saying go to drawing settings, but I can't find a way to get in those on a "default" level, only on a per drawing basis.
It is the default setting in the 'Drawing' tool.
Just like any other tool, it will remember the default settings.

If you draw a red line, select it and change it to blue, then draw a new line it will be red - not blue, as the tool default is still red.
You only changed the setting for a line instance - not the default for the tool.

So, either set the default in the tool before you draw the line (or place the drawing) or ALT+click on the line (or drawing) to set the default properties of the tool to the same as those for the placed instance.

I get that is how it works for tools, but there's no tool for placing a view on a layout. I'm just dragging and dropping them on to the sheet. I tried cntrl T before I let go of the drop but it doesn't let you in to the settings.

If you just use the "place on layout" right click I can't get into the settings before hand either.
Ok reread your response a third time to make sure I wasn't missing anything. So I dragged in a view then changed that view to auto from manual. Eye droppered that view and then placed another view and it was auto update this time. So since you can't get into it before hand you need to go the eye dropper route as the only way to set the default status. Got it. Thanks!
gotphish001 wrote:
Thu Sep 12, 2019 3:13 pm
I get that is how it works for tools, but there's no tool for placing a view on a layout.

Yes there is.
It is the ‘drawing’ tool in the tool bar.
I can’t show you an image at the moment but you will find it near the ‘figure’ tool and the ‘detail’ and ‘worksheet’ tools.