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Import/Export to other CAD/BIM formats (DWG/DXF, IFC, SketchUp, 3DS etc.), spreadsheets, databases etc.

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By Karl Wirén
Exporting to fbx-file format is not working properly in AC22. If I do some solid element operations on a plank-object and export it to fbx strange things happen. Geometry is corrupted and the texture coordinates are lost. See attached picture. Backsaving to AC21 solves the problem.
For us, a working fbx-export is very important. I hope someone from Graphisoft can repair it.
/Karl W
By Karl Wirén
I investigated this further today. This is an attemt to describe the problem and a "solution" to it.
In AC22 I created a new gdl object and typed BRICK A,B,ZZYZX in the 3d script. Then I placed a few of them and used slabs to subtract shapes. Next step was to save it as FBX and open the file in a FBX-viewer. The result was a damaged version of the geometry.

Now the weird solution:
If you add a dummy array parameter (of any type) to the parameter list, the export works fine. This took a while to find out…