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Can't find anyone having this problem but there is something wrong in my thoughts or project...

I have my project built by cloning folders. Every thing's great and neat. The only problem is that I can't change my detail views renovation filters. All my other cloned views (sections, facades etc) work fine - and also if I make an independent detail drawing it works fine, but not the linked straight to model...

Here's a picture of the situation (sorry for the Finnish, but maybe you are able to connect what my problem is). Even if I try to make a new view, when renovation filter is correct with everything showing, the view shows the detail as "starting point-status".

What am I missing here?

Thanks for the help!
Screenshot 2019-09-13 at 14.40.00.png

It seems logical to me that a worksheet resulting from a dynamic view can not be free from any modification. Time is one parameter among others. I confirm for testing that a non-independent worksheet can not have a different lookup filter than the view from which it came.

I think that it is therefore necessary and logical to generate two initial views to obtain two worksheets illustrating two phases of the project ... Or to draw one of the two phases in a non-dynamic way.