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Everything about GDL - Doors/Windows/Objects/Stairs etc. (Example: I created an object that prints an error message in 3D all the time, please help!)

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By JGoode

Is it possible to edit text in plan using a 2D hotspot?

I've been able to get the text to display within a 2D Hotspot box but not able to adjust it.

Although I'm fairly certain it isn't possible, I thought it was worth asking if there is actually a way of working around it.

I tried using a bit of code with this functionality to get it to actually display the text in the box:
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		hotspot2 0,	0, hsID, half_sz1, 1+128	!BASE
			hsID = hsID + 1
			hotspot2 -1,	0, hsID, half_sz1, 3	!REFERENCE
			hsID = hsID + 1
			hotspot2 half_sz1,	0, hsID, half_sz1, 2, sz1, `1:1 Symbol Width`
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By Barry Kelly
Do you mean a stretchy text box like you asked for here?


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By Lingwisyer
So with this object, you are wanting to be able to adjust the bounding box of text that is editable in plan view without the need to open a dialogue?