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By Rex Maximilian
Apologies if this has been asked and answered somewhere else. I did do a search for the keyword "Catalina" but didn't see anything on this topic.

Question: Since ArchiCAD 23 was released on the same day as macOS Catalina [edit: I see now Catalina will be released in October], (and was three-months behind standard release date, maybe benefitting by utilizing developer copies of Catalina), my question is:

"Will ArchiCAD 23 be compatible with macOS Catalina?"

...or at least, more so than usual? There is usually the dreaded do or die warning to not update the macOS generally until December or so. @LaszloNagy any word?

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By Rex Maximilian
Thanks! You would hope a side benefit of having an extra three months to tweak the code would've allowed GS to work with the developer beta of Catalina for a more stable release of ArchiCAD 23. No other software I have (all of the Adobe Suite with heavy processing going on) is so handcuffed by OS updates. It gets frustrating.

I remember when High Sierra came out, it wasn't until late-December that it was "safe." And then, just by doing that update, BIMx never rendered with global illumination again. I even brought it up to tech support and while they acknowledged it (only with some machines and some video cards) said they knew of no way to fix it. Luckily my new iMac started rendering again properly. But now I fear the same may happen again with a Catalina update.
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Heads up: MacOS Catalina is now available for download...
By DGSketcher
Eduardo, is that GS official guidance?

I must admit I'm usually pretty quick to install the latest OS but Apple seem to be plagued with the curse of 13 just now. Think I will wait for things to settle down at Apple's end and GS confirm compatibility.
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By ejrolon
Usually GS indicates when it is safe and AFAIK they have not said anything yet.
Mostly is that all I have read indicates to wait.
Usually I install first day and my plan is to wait for the first .1 update.
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By matthewjj
Appears we now have the proceed with caution signal from Graphisoft. I interpret this as don’t migrate your whole office all at once but it’s safe to start testing it out.

Link posted above now says this:
Apple released the new macOS 10.15 Catalina on October 7, 2019.

macOS 10.15 Catalina
We advise you to proceed with caution when upgrading to macOS 10.15 Catalina. It is highly recommended to read the macOS and ARCHICAD article to learn more about this process and see our recommendations.

GRAPHISOFT plans to maintain the compatibility of ARCHICAD 22, 23, and BIMcloud with updates.

ARCHICAD 21 and older will not be made compatible with this future macOS.
By rwhitley
I am handcuffed with this new macOS Catalina upgrade. My Mac upgraded automatically and now all my version 21 and 22 keep crashing.

What do I do?

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By Karl Ottenstein
rwhitley wrote:
Wed Oct 09, 2019 2:57 pm
I am handcuffed with this new macOS Catalina upgrade. My Mac upgraded automatically and now all my version 21 and 22 keep crashing.

What do I do?

Restore Mojave from your Time Machine backup? (And turn off automatic updates.)