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I created a complex profile (hot tub profile) to be used with the wall tool and rotated it around a radius that is equal to the distance of the origin (red x) from the center of the radius so that the bottom of the hot tub is closed. In v22, no problem. In v23, the complex profile element and all other 3d elements do not show up in sections that pass through the element.
Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 12.08.24 PM.png
Hello Steve,

Did you try to put the origin point out of your profil ?
I remember to do something like this by this way with AC21 without difficulty :
Move the profile so that the edge you want to use as the radius is on the origin and the centre of the spa is to the left.
Then in plan draw a circle that is the radius you want.
Then magic want and all should be good.

The origin of your profile is what will be the reference line of the wall when you place it.

profile_origin.jpg (16.61 KiB) Viewed 175 times

Hi Barry,
I did what you suggested and moved the profile to be to the right of the origin (red x). I drew a circle in plan and "magic wanded" it. The profile was drawn outside the circle. If I specify the reference line to be -4' away (the size of the profile), it shows up correctly in plan but nothing shows up in 3d. If I mirror the profile to the other side of the origin, it does some weird inverted creation. What am I missing?