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greetings, I downloaded the teamwork and did all the installation steps correctly, the idea is to work together with my other partner the same project simultaneously.

I have the student version. When you compare the project with the other user, there are no more licenses available.

The question is: can team work be used with a student's license?
From the help page:
Educational Version

The license validity of educational version is for a year which is renewable. It is also to obtain an educational license for 30 days without proof of student status. With educational version, you are able to open and save any file version except Trial and Start Edition. Please keep in my mind, opening Full and Solo file versions in educational version, converts those files to educational version which means a permanent watermark will appear on all the layouts. Teamwork function is also available for all the projects shared in educational mode.
Hope that helps.
No license available looks like you installed the wrong BimS, you will use Basic not BimCloud. Both computers should have AC installed with BimS installed inn one of them.
Then you need to configure it, make sure that both are within the same wifi network (configuring this is the hardest part) so that you can assign an IP address to the computer that will be running the BimS.
I also have found out that it is easier to set this up if you have your own router to create a local network instead of using your local school's network.
If you want to work remotely then that is another issue since you will need a static IP address and configure a VPN.