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By kevin b
Just got a new job, switched from Mac to Windows, imported my old WE and my shortcuts are all screwed up because of the Command/Alt/Control differences. So I was making changes to get back to where I want things as best I can. But now I noticed that the Undo Lat Node function ie. backspace key to undo last node during a polygonal operation does not work on the imported and modified shortcuts. Still works in the default shortcuts. It does not appear to be an editable shortcut as I can't find it anywhere. So I am wondering if there is a way to fix this? Or if I am going to have to start from scratch again, using the default settings as the basis.
Hello kevin b,

Everyday I usualy work on macos AND windows without changing any shortcut cause I use to do it.
It takes only some minutes to be able to do naturaly the substitution between Ctrl by Cmd.