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I personally find ARCHICAD way more powerful, easy to use, faster and all in all innovative than other solutions like Revit. However since Revit is backed up by Autodesk and long years of Autocad dominance, ARCHICAD isn’t leading in terms of market share, what do you think GRAPHISOFT should do better? Do you think it’s enough for them to just push for a better product ? Or is there something else you would do ?
I feel it is not enough to be just a better product in certain areas. I think it has to be stronger package all around, with basic issues which are present for number of years fixed. Only then people coming from other software will take notice. I am using archicad, but there are things which are better done with revit, and there is no reason whatsoever archicad does not have same capabilities (for example correct floor plan display when using SEO ). Also, I think more should be invested in education for archicad users.
As this discussion is in the Developer forum,

I just can't keep thinking that if there was an easy scripting language that allow easy addition to ArchiCAD (not dumb objects a la gdl) but with a more deep integration- as in Sketchup, it could make it more popular.

The main challenge will be then, to have dovelopers who could be intrested in that ( look how windows phone failed because of this ) .
1. Dedicate staff to this forum to answer questions and post step by step tutorials, workflows, settings, objects, etc. As the main (only?) Archicad forum it's sad to see old topics stay on top for so long. Makes it look like there is no one using the program and makes it appear risky compared to all the resources seemingly available for Revit.

2. Leverage Bluebeam acquisition. Bluebeam has quickly become a standard for many AEC firms. Create a bundle which includes Bluebeam and Archicad. Also, and this should have been obvious, but why kill off Mac development for Bluebeam when your other products work for Mac? This doesn't bode well for your Mac base of Archicad users. Instead, keep developing Bluebeam for the Mac, bundle with Archicad. When users use both natively on the Mac you'll have a stronger base that won't want to go back to Windows.

3. Merge with Vectorworks. If that's not feasible (more than likely), incorporate some of the features.
In some countries, like in mine, the construction companies have the real power in the building industry and it's them who set the standards. And unfortunately it is often the case, that they consider Revit as the standard BIM-tool.

And even if Archicad is tolerated, the majority of the architecture offices will just choose the path of least resistance and go with Revit.

And so it goes also with students when they decide which software to learn. If it is most offices that use Revit, and if it is considered as an industry standard, then it makes also less sense to learn some other software, even if it might better in many ways.

But to answer the question - I think that Archicad should in general focus on the ease of use and interoperability.

And also something that is very important, make sure that there is a good learning platform, so that the output of the Archicad users have high standard. Because I've seen some sad Archicad outputs before and with such examples it might be easy to come to a conclusion that it's the software's fault, not the inexperienced user's.