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By Tripp Mcneally
Hi all,

I've just paid $800 for a high resolution interior scan of a Ford Transit 470 Jumbo van for reverse modelling (Building a stealth camper) and having problems importing the file.

For starters, it's huge at around 470mb and was sent in STL format. I've tried reducing the poly count and have converted it to OBJ at around 80mb but still no joy. How can I get this object into archicad!

I'm currently running a 2019 Dell G7 with the RTX 2060 card so processing shouldn't be the problem.

Thanks in advance
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By ejrolon
What are you trying to do or need that model for?
AC is for architecture not for "car" design so it is possible that you are using the wrong tool.
Anyway what might be choking the file is your processor and cores not the graphic card.
Try opening in SketchUp or better yet in Rhino to see what happens and try to import from them. OBJ is a very old file type and might not be able to handle it.
By Tripp Mcneally
Actually Archicad will be a perfect tool for fit out being native construction tools for the build I.e wall, roof, floor and cabinetry construction.
The vehicle is just an accurate guide.
What file type should I convert it to to allow import, when I drag and drop into an open template there is no response at all in terms of import (STL or OBJ). I don't have rhino :?
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By Barry Kelly
Archicad can open an STL file and it will convert it into a morph.
I just tried with a 7.5 MB file and it took a good 4 minutes.
I would say that your 470 MB file may be just to big and complex.
Even reducing the polygon count may not be enough.

Do you get the import STL dialogue at least when you try to open the file?

import_stl.jpg (10.66 KiB) Viewed 20 times

If so then it may just take a very long time to open and convert the file.

By Tripp Mcneally
Thanks for the responses crew really appreciate it!

Barry, definitely get the box and chose 1:1 scale! I get the load wheel saying "loading Binary file 1" or something along those lines. Let it sit for 2 hours while I went for coffee and no joy again :lol:

Reflecting on it more, I'm now thinking of getting the file exported from the maker as a .3DM file and just import as an object through the library manager?

I'll keep attacking!