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I've been working in Archicad for a year now, but still find it difficult getting used to the snap reference circle that appears when using a point as a snap reference.
Sometimes the snap reference circle (sometimes multiply circles) is so close to the point where you actually want to move a object to, making it difficult seeing what you're actually snapping to, unless you zoom in a lot.
Can you somehow deactivate the snap reference circle?
ArchiCAD snap reference.jpg
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By Barry Kelly
D.BRANDT wrote:
Wed Dec 04, 2019 2:03 pm
Can you somehow deactivate the snap reference circle?

In the VIEW menu you can turn of the 'Snap Guides'.
If you have the 'Control Box' palette active, you will find some buttons there to turn them on/off as well.


Or in the Work Environment you can delay the time that the snap guides appear.
Set it to a higher value, then if you want a guide and don't want to wait, you hover over the point and activate the shortcut key for the snap guides (check your shortcut key settings in the Work Environment).


Thanks Berry!

Actually it's not the snap reference itself there's a "problem" but rather the big circle that occurs at the end of the reference line:
ArchiCAD snap reference circle.jpg
Sometimes it's difficult to see whether you snap to the circle or the reference line.