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By Brockway
Hello. Drawing in Archicad 23 when Mac (Mac OS Catalina 10.15.1) crashed. I re-opened Archicad and was not presented what the option to open an autosaved copy, even though my Data Safety & Integrity settings are set to "Ulta safe (save each step)". I then opened the file I was working on and see that the last hour and half of my work is not there! Is there still a way to see if this was saved somewhere? Any idea why this is not autosaving each step, as my settings would indicate should happen?

I believe the crash occurred as I manually selected "Save".

The file I am working on and the autosave location are both on the main built in flash drive of the MacBook.
Autosave does not actually save the file you are working on.
It just maintains a copy of that file in an autosave folder in case the machine is shut down (or crashes) without saving the file.
As soon as you save the file the original PLN is updated and the autosave file is discarded (but will be re-created as soon as you make another modification.

So I am not sure what has happened here.
If you manually 'saved' the file it should be up to date - maybe it is somewhere else on your system?
The autosave file will be gone as you 'saved' the file.

If you had shut down without saving or your machine crashed, then you should be presented with a screen at startup of Archicad to say that there is an autosaved document.
Something like this ...


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By ejrolon
I think that how autosave changed how it worked in 23. Previously if a file crashed and you had multiple sessions of AC running if you selected to open a new session AC would pull the autosave and show a popup were you could open it.

In 23 autosave will only show in the :evil: :evil: :evil: new opening menu so in order to get to it you need to close all AC sessions, then relaunch AC and you will see it. Always provided that you didn't re-saved the file you opened after the crash that is not the autosave if you do then I think the autosave is gone.
I would like a way of getting to that start up screen while other instances of Archicad are already running.. It isn't terrible but is time consuming to save/close all the other instances and open fresh....

I do like that you can select multiple files from that start up screen and open multiple instances at once though...
Thank you Eduardo!! I thought I had lost a bunch of work in spite of having 'ultra safe' autosave on. Mine had crashed while working on a railing in 3D though, not when pressing 'save'.