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PDF output improvements.

Let Archicad save Layout's as PDF optionally splitting one layout to multiple pages the same way the layout will be printed.
Let Archicad optionally cut drawing (and not only mask the source) when printing or when saving PDF files.
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I'd like to get both of the above improvements.
I think the above improvements are unusefull.
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By borgo1971
I'd like to get a better PDF output, meaning two things:
- Let (optionally) save PDF's from single layouts that wil be printed on multiple pages, in the same way (splitted on multiple pages). I often create layouts with more A4 or A3 size pages, because I like to see them togheter and be able to move designs between pages more easily then copying and pasting them from one layout to another. But I want to print them in A4 or A3 pages.
- Let create cutted drawing instead of masking source design, even it is an Archicad View or it is an external image/PDF. I often compose layout with more viewports on the same original PDF (for example city plan, or other maps), and even I save the layout as PDF, or I use macOS print function to save the layout as PDF, I get huge size files. This because for every drawing, I will get entry surce design inside my PDF. I think it's important to get an option for cutting drawings on visible limit when saving/printing in PDF's. Before ArchiCAD 23 was realased, I thought it could be difficult to cut source designs, but now that Archicad seems be able to cut them to speed up the redesign, I think it's time to let this option aviable to save PDF's and even to send lighter files to printer's (and be able to save multipages PDF's from there, if Graphisoft won't add first option).
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By Ghaleb Khadra

We have added this wish into our database. Actually, we added them as 2 different wishes.

The first being for splitting the layout to multiple pages. Its reference number is Wish #12587.

The second being for cutting the figures and drawings by exporting PDFs instead of masking the source view. Its reference number is Wish #12588

For the first wish, I can recommend a workaround which can work if you are willing to give it a try:
If you were to reference a Layout on a (e.g.) Worksheet, there is an option to save it as a PDF file with 'Displayed Reference'. This way the Layout can be split into multiple pages.

For the second wish, I can recommend a semi-workaround by going to the PDF Options and in there, it is possible to change the resolution, which would help to reduce the file size. However, this would not work as well as if we were to implement the Wish into the software, and that is why we added the wish to our database.

I sincerely hope we will see these wishes implemented in the future.

Thank you for your active participation and contribution on the forums.

I wish a great day, and a happy new year!

Kind regards,