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By Barry Kelly
Has anyone heard any news as to when the free version of Twinmotion for Archicad 23 is going to be released?
I see the free current version (build 2019.6) availability time has been extended to 'Early 2020'.

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By LaszloNagy
This is what Epic Games said in their press release:
And finally, to cap off today’s news...
Twinmotion: extended free availability
Powered by Unreal Engine, Twinmotion is a highly intuitive, high-quality solution for fast and easy real-time visualization for architecture, construction, urban planning, and landscaping.

Previously, we’d announced that Twinmotion would remain free until November 2019; once downloaded, you can continue using the free version indefinitely. Today, we’re extending the free availability until our next release of Twinmotion, which is anticipated to ship in the first quarter of 2020. The new version will offer even greater photorealism, improved assets, tools to facilitate collaborative workflows, and more. ... s-and-more
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By jakubgalczynski
When will Twinmotion for Archicad 23 be released? Is that the question, because I'm already using Twinmotion in ArhiCAD23.

Side note . I'm a bit worried about how much Twinmotion will cost later. This has been the nature of companies such as Lumion and Enscape. They offer the product for free so it becomes part of your process and then they throw a monthly subscription at us. Make sense, because they need to get paid. The subscription then increases once in a while. Sigh.

Hopefully the relationship with Graphisoft allows users to use Twinmotion for free, similar to that of Cinerender. A bit unfortunate, but I personally think Graphisoft should just drop Cinerender. Not where rendering is heading.