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Most of my work is 1/4" scale so I have my section markers set to be a good size for that. Sometimes I'll have a floor plan that doesn't show much in a project so I'll want a smaller scale, let's say 1/8". I might do this if it's an addition on a slab with no basement. I just don't need a big scale for this. The section markers are huge at 1/8th scale. Is there a way to make the markers scale up and down like text does? I can't find a setting anywhere and google failed me also. I'm using built-in-section markers for 22 solo and also have some section marker_NCS 20.
Yes, so you are wishing for scale-dependent Section Markers.
I think in theory, this could be done by modifying the default Section Marker in ARCHICAD.
I have moved the topic to a Wish forum and added a poll.
I wasn't exactly wishing for it to be a thing as I thought it probably was. OH well. What is the work around people use? Just use a second section marker on a different layer that is smaller that doesn't link to anything? I hate to double things up as it can easily create drawing conflicts but do what you gotta do I supposed.