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Hi all, I have migrated a project from AC22 to AC23, and I am experiencing problems with a schedule not showing properties that worked fine in AC22.

I have 4 curtain walls, each orientated differently, north, south, west and east. Each orientation I have created as an Option Set in the Property Manager so I am able to group/sort the panels in the curtain wall after orientation.

After migrating to AC23 I cannot get the schedule to show the orientation property, and I am staring to think this is a bug. Both Element og Component schedules seem to be able to show properties.

Anyone else have this problem?


Hi Stig,

Thank you for your report and I am sorry about the experience!

To understand you correctly, I made a small test file similar to what you described. To me, after open this file and migrated to ARCHICAD 23, the Option Sets I made (test) show up correctly. Is this the case here with your project?

If it is something else, I would be grateful if you are willing to share the ARCHICAD 22 file with us, so that I can test the process internally. Please reply either here within the post directly or through a PM and I will provide you a secure GRAPHISOFT link where you can upload your file to.

Thank you very much, and I look forward to hearing from you about this!

Best regards,