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I am getting a conversion error when changing a frame width to a string in Property manager's STRCALCUNIT in Archicad 22 on MACOS Mojave.
It is taking a frame width (around a wall) of 7" and converting it to the string 0'-6 1/1".
While that may be technically true...I'm looking for something a little more simple.
There are some units that round correctly (those I tell directly the size I want) but the converter still gives it to me in feet and inches. (I would like this value to be in inches)

Thank you for reporting the issue here and I am very sorry about the experience!

First, about the expression's unit conversion, I would like to make sure that the "decimal inches" is set for "Length Unit" in Options > Project Preferences > Calculation Units & Rules. This will ensure the correct expression unit in schedules.

However, I couldn't find the reason why it was converted to 0'-6 1/1". I'm not sure if this is the case that has been reported here: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=66426

I look forward to hearing from you about this issue. Thank you very much!

Best regards,