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By kittonian
Spent the entire morning trying to figure out what I was doing wrong, only to find that this seems to be a pretty major bug in the railing tool.

Associative railings using panels and inner posts do not respect the "left offset from previous post" or any of the offsets for that matter. Nothing changes.

If you draw a static railing, everything works as it should and all offsets are respected.

I had created custom panels and needed to use the offset values in order to line everything up correctly for the staircase. However, with or without custom panels, this bug seems to be rampant. The moment I drew the railing statically everything started working as it should.
By kittonian

When adding inner posts and specifying an exact dimension from previous post the custom railing panel does not fit in this width.

To reproduce:

1. Create a railing with a single inner post with a distance from previous set to 2'-6"
2. Create a custom railing panel out of a slab turned into a morph that is exactly 2'-6" wide
3. Edit your railing to include your new custom railing panel and see that it does not fit into the 2'-6" width but instead fits into a 2'-4" width (adjust your distance from previous on your inner post to be 2'-4" to confirm)
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By Lingwisyer
Works fine for me, both static and associative. I am using metric though.

If you open your custom panel object, does the vert{2} section form the correct sized shape?
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vert{2}	           0,            0,        -0.02, 1	!	#1   VertId=0
vert{2}	           0,            0,            0, 1	!	#2   VertId=0
vert{2}	           0,         0.76,        -0.02, 1	!	#3   VertId=0
vert{2}	           0,         0.76,            0, 1	!	#4   VertId=0
vert{2}	        0.76,            0,        -0.02, 1	!	#5   VertId=0
vert{2}	        0.76,            0,            0, 1	!	#6   VertId=0
vert{2}	        0.76,         0.76,        -0.02, 1	!	#7   VertId=0
vert{2}	        0.76,         0.76,            0, 1	!	#8   VertId=0

By kittonian
Looks like (at least from your attached photo) that it does not work for you either and your panel is overlapping your inner posts.