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Modeling and drafting in Archicad. (Example: How can I model a Roof soffit/fascia?)

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By Maysum Rashid
Hi guys,

Been a very long time since I posted here, but know this is the best place to get good advice and tricks.

I need to model a 3d pipe to represent a sewer or stormwater line underground. I have the invert levels of the pipe at both ends but need to find a way to model it fast and accurately. I have tried to look online and couldn't find anything so posting a new topic.

Is there an object that would work or someone has a method that works for them?

I am using AC 23 now (I will update my signature to suit shortly)

Thanks in advance.
Unless the line is trivial (single run, single slope, etc) - this is what the ARCHICAD MEP add-on is for - pipes / plumbing, electrical conduit, ductwork, connections...
@Tim Ball and @Richard Morrison,

Could give me a hint (or two ;) how you would use railing tool or the beam tool with complex profile to create such a sewer system. How do you manage the slope and height calculations in and as a system?

Here a sample of a sewer we would like to do in Archicad.
Sewer pipes.png
Sewer pipes plan.png

BR, Florian
Does AC24 has a modul to design such sewer systems? Or does it has only the pipes and parts as stand alone objects?
In that project an engineer did the design .. (long story short) .. we have to redo it.
You would still have to design the system (or have it designed for you).
MEP just connects the pipes, ducts & objects that you place and allows you to edit them with the connections remaining intact.
You still have to decide what you are placing.