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I recently developed a function that filters the elementd shown in 3d view, based on their floor. I'm using the ACAPI_Environment's APIEnv_Change3DImageSets function to do so.

The function itself works well, but i have a problem - whenever i change the floors shown in 3d view, all the stairs in the project, regardless of their floor, disappear. I can manually show them back using the "Filter and Cut elements in 3d view" window.

I've tried looking for a specific variable inside the API_3DImageInfo struct that corresponds to the appearance of stairs. The problem is tht there isn't such variable. For every other type of element, there is.

I've also tried to apply the same imageInfo as defined in the project before making any changes. Meaning, i haven't changed any variable. But still the stairs disappeared.

I also tried changing the structureVisibility variable inside the API_StairType, after applying my function. It didn't help either.

How could i fix that? Is there any simple way of controlling the appearance of stairs in 3d view?

Thanks a lot!!! :lol: