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Now and then I face projects with difficult story systems. Now I have to solve again a question how to set up the ArchiCAD file that works throughout the project life cycle. I have tried different approaches, but still haven't found the right one.

So I wonder what would you do in this situation (watch the explaining sketch I added).

How to set up ArchiCAD project with difficult story system .jpg

I have two existing buildings, totally different from each other. Obviously they have different story systems. Now I need to connect them with new atrium. The new atrium grows inside both buildings. Meaning, both existing buildings connecting facades are changed by the atrium.

What may be the solution where I can see all buildings on same floor plans, sections, elevations, 3D and avoid the the file getting too complicated to operate.
It would depend on how much the story levels differ.

I find the easiest way to deal with split level is to setup stories with the floorplan cut plane adjusted to suit the higher floors.

Stitch together the end product on layout by placing the 'normal level' floor plan view and the adjusted level floor view on the same layout and adjusting the placed view boundary so you end up with one overall floor plan.

If the level difference is larger than about 1,5 m I'd say it would get confusing to consider them as being one floor in documentation.
Thanks for reply.

Because of the sites height difference the ground floor height difference is -1,8m from the main buiding A. The other floors differences varies but the highest is -2,8m, so its even closer to lower story but I need to show it together with upper story. It might be bit difficult but its doable and most important, controllable - saving different view maps and combaining them on layout.

There's also a option to hotlink different buildings together, but my opinion is that it usually doesn't connect as needed and it makes more problems than it solves. What you think about that approach.
I'd probably have a project file for each building and one (3D only) site plan file for elevations and renders where I hotlink both buildings story by story and adjust those in 3D as needed to get them right.

Stitch together the floorplan by placing the saved views together. You can export them as PMK file for quick updating and linking.

I would reconsider which story belongs to which since you will need to show stairs or ramps connecting them and that might get confusing otherwise.

For what it's worth, one of the locations of my old university had one such combined set of buildings and people always got lost since 2nd floor of building A connected to 3rd floor of building B etc, so it is not just confusing on paper.