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Any thoughts on the new Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 for ARCHICAD work? I work on small to medium-sized projects (i.e. residential, singe units to multi-units, and interior commercial fit-out) but I model about 80% of the project (which everyone should).

Current laptop is an old 2015 13" Macbook Pro 2016, 16gb 3.4Ghz CPU duo-core.

Thanks in advance!
Could you post a link to a web page that contains the full specifications of the model you are considering?
i checked it on the web and I found this on Dell's site (I don't know if this is the model): ... n-1-laptop

The specs look good, except that it has no dedicated graphics card, which could be worrisome. GRAPHISOFT does not recommend using ARCHICAD with integrated graphics chips (like the Intel Iris). This Help Center article

There are professional cards available for workstation laptops, such as the Nvidia Quadro and Radeon Pro, that slightly under-perform from their desktop counterparts. We have also good experiences with most of the dedicated Nvidia's GeForce cards, somewhat middling experience with AMD/ATI cards, and very bad experience with on-board (integrated) graphics cards.
ive got my eye on the new release of the dell xps 15 (2in1) or hp spectre 15 x360 (2in1) ... learn-more

the 15 has a new 10th gen cpu and mx150 gpu (2gb) or GTX 1050 Ti (4gb)
looks fantastic for presentations and light drawing updates.