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By joimagg
Hey Archicad, there are a few posts here about time drainage due to "Auto Update" drawing in layout. The manual update is a nice option but often one forgets to put it back to auto update.

Could the simple solution be a button to "Pause all auto updates" as a global override. This would make it possible to go into a kind of "layout mode" when you are just moving things around and don't need all the drawings updating constantly. This should of course not affect the updating of the drawings when publishing but only the preview in the layout - just like manual update works.

This would save precious minutes when working on big files.
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By Lingwisyer
Is there not a warning when you publish if the layout contains views that are not up to date followed by an option to update all views?

Have not tested this, but might the new clipped view function in AC23 prevent updating when the modification occurs outside the boundary?
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By ejrolon
There is a warning and in 23 it will constantly warn you about outdated drawings even if the last operation you did was updating the Layouts. Anyway I kind of like this idea of a global "don't bug me, I am doing layout stuff for the next x amount of time".
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By joimagg
@Lingwisyer, "manual update" views always update when I publish, so no fundamental problem there.

My request has more to do with time spent waiting for views to update constantly when in "layout mode".

Indesign has this feature as a global override (as well as object based) and it's quite useful. In Archicad this would not not just be useful, but essential as our drawings are getting quite heavy especially with visible hotlinked IFC's from other disciplines - which is so nice to have when visualizing interior schemes.