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By methy
Hi there

Just wondering if anyone has come across some semi-decent realistic trees that look good in bimx models, im aware twinmotion has better looking parts but just interested in parts that work well in bimx only
ideally realistic looking, combination of 2d and 3d parts to keep polygon count down.

Only other decent option i have seen are the greenline trees
Hello methy,

Do you know this website ? ... hicad.html

It's my favorite link to get low poly but beautiful objects into my BimX !

Example :
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By methy
Thanks, these look good, have any links to a bimx file I can view these in?
Hello methy,

I'm able to share you a bimx with only 3 little pins
It's not an eternal link : ... vYrR_d2ZAX


You are not able to get these object through this bimx model
If you share your pla file, you share your object too. ;)
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By Lingwisyer
Not sure how you would bring them into AC, but you could look at SpeedTree. It's used in Lumion and Unreal Engine among other things.

Personally I have just used the 3D detailed tree from the Archicad library and have just tweaked settings and surfaces to get a result that works.

Start with basic shape of tree from presets and then change trunk diameter, height, crown size, leaf size etc to get desired shape and size, then apply surfaces. I create my own surfaces for canopy leaves with multiple overlaid textures and transparency to get desired look and dappled shadows.

By Braza
3D detailed trees from the Archicad library are nice for Design and Documentation, as you have more control to its dimensions. But for rendering/presentations they are awful. IMO.

Don't know if it already can, but it would be nice, if the new Archicad/Twinmotion link could automatically convert AC Library objects to TM ones defined by the user. It would not only be handy for vegetation, but also for furniture and interior design.
Original question was about trees for BIMx not twinmotion.
You can enable the direct link plugin to substitute twinmotion objects for Archicad objects, no good for me though as there are no trees in the twinmotion library that look anything like eucalyptus trees here in Australia.

By Braza
Hi Scott,

You are right... A bit off topic.
I was just thinking (out loud) that Archicad could benefit from this new Twinmotion/Unreal partnership (and vice versa) by allowing a bidirectional link. Then AC could have Twinmotion assets then save them as BIMX.
I think I will create another topic for this someday.

Before being able to use TM assets in AC, they should probably make it easier to use UE assets in TM...