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Modeling (Wall, Door, Window, Roof, Stair...), Favorites...

Moderators: ejrolon, Barry Kelly, Karl Ottenstein, LaszloNagy, gkmethy

To make a furniture in archicad today, we have couple of solutions:
1. models it with wall, slabs, morph etc., or import from other software, then convert and save it as an object.
2. models it as morphs then group them.
3. make gdl from scratch.

This is not ideal. solution no.1 usually doesn't show in proper 2D representation and cumbersome to be edited. solution no.2 is not identify as object so it cannot be scheduled. solution no. 3, too hard to use.

It would be nice to have the capability to create objects in visual environment (similar to sketchup or rhino): able to model using morph or any other elements then indetify them as object that still could be edited instantly on the go, in 2d or in 3d, with the PROPER 2d representation, useful elements properties and could be listed in schedules.
It would be nice if the "Save as object..." options did not convert your selection to VERT commands and translated things like slabs and walls to POLY, or at least RECT or BOX, instead.