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We are beginning an effort to be more rigorous about the use of Favorites, which follows our firm's effort to be more rigorous about graphic consistency and not wasting time with many settings when we just want things to look the way they should (i.e. consistency over maximum flexibility).

So, suggestions for new or tweaked Favorites flow to the person keeping track of our template file. The Favorites get tweaked daily if not more frequently.

Given the obvious role of Favorites in rolling out and maintaining office standards, it seems like there should be a way to point project files to a universal, external collection of Favorites. This would function similar to the way our firm's general object library works - updates flow to the users/workstations magically, without deliberate import step taken by the user.

Now, with the Template Keeper needing to remind everyone to import a new Favorites.prf file, it gives the impression that the Favorites tool is a nuisance and somewhat unreliable. Thanks.
I have been proposing multiple dedicated attribute file (.att?) linked to the project library, for years. This could handle multiple hotlinked projects and office standards easily. It would certainly be a blow of fresh air to A LOT of project/BIM managers using AC around the world.

Lets just hope. :)