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By Kaihaku
Any thoughts on importing HEIC (apple/ iphone images) to ArchiCAD on windows systems?
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By Steve Jepson

This is a High Efficiency Image Container (HEIC) sample file to test the converter with if any one needs it. Or Microsoft Photos will open a HEIC file and then you save is as .JPG ArchiCAD only imports image files (5) types. HEIC is not one of them - yet.
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By LaszloNagy
This issue is not relevant to me but I tried to open this HEIC image in Microsoft Photos in Windows 10, and it tells me "We can't open this file".
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By Steve Jepson
It works for me. Also some of my photo editing software a automatically convert that file type when opened and it is just a matter of drag and drop to the ArchiCAD screen.

This is what the sample file looks like as a jpeg
sample1 jpeg.jpg