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By bouhmidage
Hi, I'm trying to import a point cloud file, it's format is .LGS, but ARCHICAD reads .e57 files,
is there any way to convert the file or to fix this problem?
also, I heard that file size is limited to 4GB, howto solve this too, please?
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By Christophe Fortineau
Hello bouhmidage,

LGS file is a Leica format, it does much of the same things as an e57, but they are build to be consumed by Leica software and plugins. LGS is a format that includes a boat load of extra information, and is made to work efficiently with leica's tools, but if you don't have the tools (cloudworx, jetstream, cyclone), you are limited in ways for clients to consume the data. LGS is a registration in a box almost, where your scans, 'assets', and 360 photos are included in the 1 LGS file.

Archicad is a BIM software and not a pointcloud software. It is possible to import pointcloud through xyz and e57 files. Archicad translate a pointcloud into a GDL object you are able to find by a LCF file into your local documents.

If you recieve a heavy LGS file you can imagine it will not be a "ready to use" file because it's not an open file format and it is a too heavy file to be used into. a BIM modeler.

I invite you use CloudCompare to open these kind of files :

Cloudcompare is a awesome freeware for Windows, MacOS and Linux :

I always use this freeware to divide by 10 the weight of my files before importing them into Archicad (without loosing important information of course).
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By bouhmidage
That's it ! the LGS format is a specific format, so i can't use it, i contacted the client to deliver another format,
Thank you for the explanation, i read in some forums that insterad of decreasing the cloud quality, you can split it and import seperated clouds in high quality,
hope they can fix this 4GB issue so archicad create splitted LCFs and import the entire cloud
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By Christophe Fortineau
bouhmidage wrote:
Sat May 23, 2020 12:13 am
hope they can fix this 4GB issue so archicad create splitted LCFs and import the entire cloud
You are able to keep only one entire and optimised cloud with CloudCompare about 400Mo from your original 4Go pointcloud.