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Add a repository section for papers that mentions ArchiCAD & GDL.

Yeah, of course, absolutely
Nah, not important
Hi everyone,

In the last two years, I have found (to my surprise) a number of research papers that are either directly related to ArchiCAD or GDL or both for the AEC industry as a general. I believe that I was lucky to find them, since that in any search engine, the majority of the results that we will get are those belonging to other programs.

So I propose to Graphisoft, to create a section in this forum, to act as a database repository for all the research papers that are directly related to ArchiCAD/GDL/or any other Graphisoft product that researchers would like to include or we as normal user may find.

  1. Exposure: researchers need it.
  2. Help other researchers to find ArchiCAD related research papers for their own research.
  3. Help marketing teams to show ArchiCAD as a serious AEC program contender.
  4. Offer ArchiCAD methods of work that may be related to their work.

I'm aware that such a proposition, may lead to spam such repository with unrelated research papers just because it mentions ArchiCAD, GDL or any other Graphisoft's products, but establishing minimums such as:
  1. Published by recognised organisation or an institution of merit.
  2. You can propose other points since that is not one of my strong points of knowledge.
B.E.A.T. wrote:
Moonlight wrote: Thu Oct 08, 2020 10:13 am @B.E.A.T.

If you mean their research papers or RD, then I would like to have peak :wink:
Their research papers and 'products' (mostly proof of concept stuff)...

That is even better :D