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Import/Export to other CAD/BIM formats (DWG/DXF, IFC, SketchUp, 3DS etc.), spreadsheets, databases etc.

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By Hanna36
Hello! I am trying to cope with IFC Translators in ArchiCAD.
I can not achieve exactlly what I am looking for - so that is why I came here.

Do you know how to import IFC file (made in not defined software) to Archicad, to get all the data that were there originally specified?
I mean I would like to have exactly the same classification of elements with the same types, properties sets, and its values as there were in the orginall IFC File.

Do you know maybe how to map properties, match classification etc. - it is probably connected with that, am I right?
///I have read about those topics and (since I could check which parameteres sets are existing in the oryginal IFC file - with BIMvision viewer) I thought that maybe I need to prepare my own classification system with names of IFC entities and then attache the properties sets (like: Qto_WindowBaseQuantities, Qto_WallBaseQuantities, Geometry, Location, SiteAddress etc.) to elements.

But since I was trying to start that workflow - to check if it works - I didn't find those properties sets in a "Properties Menager"... But maybe it is not the proper workflow to Import that IFC file///

I was also wondering if there is any option to "scan" and apply those properties from original IFC file to ArchiCAD Import Translator...

I would be gratefull for any help and respond in that topic!

(*Later I would like to also export the same properties - to have a constant content. But that first - Import step -is hard for me)

[I'm using Archicad 22]