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I don't do a lot of schedules, but when I do I tend to do the window schedule with the view from the reveal side - always the outside as my reveal side is always outside.
Door schedules I tend to do from the opening side - so it is always as if the door is being opened towards you - seeing as there is no inside or outside.
This helps with the handing (orientation) of doors - hinges on the left or right as the door opens towards you.
Hopefully then there are no arguments as to what the handing is.

pimishere wrote:
Thu Nov 19, 2020 10:43 am
It is very odd that we cannot change the transparency of the glass in the schedule. By manually overriding it, it will give a problem further on in the proces when we make views of the inside walls, since the lines will not correspond with the opening anymore.

Should I make a new topic about this?

Maybe make a wish in the wishes section (remember to add a poll).
I found an old post on the same issue with no solution on the transparency in schedules. ... 34&t=67710

There is a link in that post which has the solution of creating another MVO combination that has the same line type inside and outside - so at least you can have a consistently dashed or solid line.