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By Kvalheim
Hi everyone!

I would really like the possibility of grouping layers in the layer manager. I honestly can't fathom how this is not already a feature in Achicad, so I'm very curious to hear any arguments against such a feature. I can't think of any, but I'm sure there are some.

For me grouping of layers is mostly for organizing layers so that i.e. all documentation layers could be collapsed into a single dropdown and hidden/locked with one click. Right now I'm using a structure that's something like "Building / Roof / Outer roof / Construction" as I want all layers that relate to eachother to stay together in the manager. I also use extensions to some degree. However this feels very cumbersome.

I don't wan't to scroll past twenty irrelevant documentation etc. layers when I'm mainly working on, let's say, roof construction. So the ability to only expand the layer group that I'm working on would be so nice.

I would also like subgroups and subsubgroups etc. This is useful for quickly hiding just "Outer roof construction" as a subgroup of "Roof" or just hide the "master" group entirely.

I would also like all of this in a sidepanel that's dockable and can be used to set the current working layer that syncs to the tool settings.

Interested in hearing your thoughts on this. Seeing as this is mainly a "UI" feature I would think this could be built on top of the existing layer system without messing to much with the underlying system. The more integrated the better though – I think the current layer system could use a complete overhaul.

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By LaszloNagy
This is a ling-time wish.
I just did a quick search and found two related threads: ... =24&t=1680 ... 27&t=67598

So, I don't think any arguments go against it, I guess it is just that GS development always felt other features are more important to implement.
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By Barry Kelly
This is not exactly a solution to your problem, but depending on your situation this can work.

You have layer combinations that will turn on/off the correct layers.
Then in the 'Work Environment > Dialogue Boxes & Palettes' there is an option to "Hide Locked Layers in Pop-up Palettes".
So if you lock the hidden layers in your layer combinations, they will not appear in the layer pop-up palettes.
This is fine so long as you don't ever want to use one of those hidden layers.
Otherwise you have to go back to the layer settings and unlock the layer.