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I've been getting strange behaviour from AC22 FIN 7000.

If I have a sheet open as the active window in Archicad and I switch to another program via alt+tab or otherwise, Archicad wants to update all drawings on the open sheet on returning to Archicad. Even when there are no changes. This is incredibly time-consuming and annoying. This does not happen if the sheet is not the "active" viewport in AC, no matter how many sheets are open.

I know people have different views on whether to keep drawing auto-update on or off, but I'm in the league where we keep it on at all times. Now personally I think that's fine when the update happens when you actually click to open a sheet, but this behaviour I'm getting seems really uncalled for. Does anyone have any idea why this happens or is there a box we can tick/untick to stop this from happening? I have not seen this happen in previous versions of AC, or even another project made with a previous build of 22, so I'm thinking is it possible that this is a Windows thing?

I am not sure if this is a bug, or an intended feature. I tried searching a bit, but the only relevant title I found was from 2006 and I didn't want to necro it.

Thank you for your question and I am very sorry about the issue!

To be honest, I think this could be a limitation. Although we do not receive any similar report before, I believe I encountered it myself a few times. I believe this happens mostly in bigger projects. When you navigate away from Archicad, the system may put it into "unused" state to save some battery. Also, if you do not have enough RAM, while navigating away from Archicad, the system can also clear some cache from the memory to give resources for other task, therefore Archicad may update the drawing due to this.

From Archicad 23 and especially in Archicad 24, we improved this behavior by detecting if any changes are made and only updates when necessary. Nevertheless, it might still happen due to the situations above.

I hope this explains your question. Let me know if you have any further issue!

Best regards,