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Sharing a project for a team, accessing projects remotely. Setup of BIMcloud/Users/Roles, Working/Messaging in Teamwork (Example: What are the firewall settings for the BIMcloud to make it accessible over the Internet?)

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Today I went to get into a Teamworked file. Received a warning that my file was not the most current and have to be opened from last opened.
I saved off the solo file.
I then went to run the repair on the solo file. It came back with a warning saying is was not able to repair the file. First time even trying to repair a file and I get this warning.

Today is not a good Monday.

AC24 running build 4018 using SAAS BIM Cloud. First time having this type of file issue using this service.

Anyone have similar experience?

I'm sorry to hear about your issue.

Based on your description, it sounds like something is corrupted within the project.

What I would do:
1. Save a .PLN copy of the project from one of the members who can still access it.
2. Open this .PLN with Open & Repair.
3. Re-share project on BIMcloud.

If you experience any further strange behaviour with your project, I suggest to contact your local support with an Archicad Teamwork SUpport Package and details about what you experience.

I really hope the repair and re-share will be enough though.

Let us know about the result.

Kind regards,