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Recently we encountered an issue on the forum, where it was not possible to attach images or files to posts. It looked like you can attach it, but when you posted it, the attachments were not there. Also, the "Place Inline" option disappeared while editing the post.
For several of us, the issue occurred on the Chrome browser, but it may occur in other browsers as well.

The issue was probably caused by a recent small upgrade to the Forum engine.
The following steps fixed the issue for me on Chrome:

1. Log out of Archicad Talk.
2. In Chrome Settings, clear Cache data.
3. Exit Chrome.
4. Exit Chrome in Taskbar as well (may not be a necessary step).
5. Restart Chrome.
6. Log in to Archicad Talk.

With these steps, everything should be back to normal.
In case the issue occurs in other browsers, please perform similar steps to handle it.
LaszloNagy wrote: Mon Feb 22, 2021 7:33 pm What happens if you do the above steps of emptying the cache and all?

Safari works again after clearing all data for

For Mac users who need to do this and don't know how: Safari > Preferences then the Privacy tab. Click on the "Manage Website Data..." button and enter Graphisoft in the search box. Select in the list and click the Remove button.