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I know AC21 is probably not supported anymore, but for ... reasons, I'm forced to work with AC21 on a project for some time now.

Anyway - today I tried to adjust my workspace ergonomics somewhat, and I tried to have a better visibility of the ArchiCAD UI. Optimally I'd like to scale the ui to 125% through windows settings. For the most part, this works fine but there is still an issue, though. The icon and text sizes seem to scale the relative size pretty well, but on AC21 they seem to scale through bitmap stretching (?). While on AC23 (which was my reference for a test) they seem to scale "vectorially" (is that a word even hmm).

So I'd like to know if this is just something that has been improved in the versions that come after AC21, and the UI in AC21 can't actually use vectorial fonts and icons in windows when the user interface is scaled through the windows "dpi" setting regarding monitors. Or am I doing something wrong?

On AC23 the UI "just works" without any other settings than the windows native scaling setting for the monitor so that IMO points towards AC21 not being capable of this. I'll try and attach images for reference. The clearest difference is how the fonts are rendered in each version. The top part of the wall tool icon and the bottom part of the column tool icon are other places where the difference is to me most obvious. In AC21 scaled ui it's noticeably more blurry.
AC23 scaled ui.png
AC23 scaled ui.png (24.37 KiB) Viewed 123 times
AC21 scaled ui.png
AC21 scaled ui.png (29.97 KiB) Viewed 123 times